Condo Ratings Agency™ Objectives

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The Condo Ratings Agency™ intends to issue a specific grade - ranging from AAA to Unrated - on all 1,000 associations in the seven submarkets that have been analyzed - and are continuously monitored - in South Florida.

Every condominium association's grade will be made available free of charge to website visitors. Detailed association reports that factor into the ultimate grades of the respective condominiums will be available for purchase.

The Condo Ratings Agency™ will consider broadening its scope to include other South Florida neighborhoods and projects in its effort to understand the financial condition of the region's associations.

The ratings are based on an equation that utilizes information that is being collected in a uniform way on a regular basis from public and private sources on every association included in the Condo Projects Database™.

The objective is to better understand how a respective association compares to its peer group, submarket, competing markets, and every other project in the region.

It is important to understand the ratings can - and are expected to - change at various times based on a several factors, including differing fiscal years, special assessments, foreclosures, and data collection methods. For this reason, the calendar date of the last review for a respective condo shall be provided.    

 •AAA, AA, A
•NR (Not Rated)
•UR (Unrated)

It is worth noting that nearly all of the information is based on public records that have been compiled and analyzed to enable the Condo Ratings Agency™ to form an opinion about the various projects profiled on the website. 

All information is believed to accurate and complete but cannot be guaranteed or warranted. 

The Condo Ratings Agency™ opinions must never substitute customary due diligence in a real property transaction.

It is worth noting that the Condo Ratings Agency™ and/or its principals do not accept consulting or marketing fees from any of the condominium associations rated on this website.

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